Every now and then we see a viral epidemic that spreads like wildfire in which everyone and their mother wants a certain cut.  The graduated bob certainly made its splash these last few years.  Celebrities like Rihanna and Victoria Beckham made it super popular.  It didn’t matter if a client’s face was too round, the hair was too dense and curly, or the back hairline unmanageable.  People were getting a variation of this cut whether it worked for them or not.

I think that this craze was a very good thing for haircutters.  With so many requests, it forced us to get a strong grasp on graduation.  Some may have had to relearn the technique altogether.  For others it may have been a completely new concept.  Graduation for me is like playing golf.  No matter how good you get and how many times you do it, you’re left scratching your head in frustration at times.  This look certainly brought strong technique back into the hairdressing world.  Now it’s time to move on…

Rooney Mara

Nowadays, I break up the “build up of weight” with disconnected layering techniques.  Check out Krista’s new cut below.  It was very much inspired by Rooney Mara‘s transformation for her role in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo featured  in W Magazine.

Krista 1

Krista 2

Krista 3

So it’s the end of an era.  I find that many women are now growing out their graduated bobs.  Good news for them, the Demi Bob is becoming a hit.  Check out that article HERE.

So what was your favorite hair craze?  I’m curious.

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